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The Everything Orgasm Book

Whether you struggle to achieve orgasm or whether you are looking to make the orgasms you currently experience even more satisfying, this book will help.

It is a comprehensive guide to creating satisfying sexual experiences for you and your lover. Sex therapy in book form.

Learn How To:

  • Connect with your partner on every level
  • Find erogenous zones
  • Sustain more intense orgasms
  • Self-pleasure with greater satisfaction
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Check out the Table of Contents 

  1. The Mystique of Orgasm
  2. Tuning Your Instrument
  3. The Do Re Mi of Orgasm
  4. Exploring Your Erotic Body-Mind
  5. Practicing Alone or Playing Solo
  6. Harmonizing with Your Lover
  7. The Art of Sensuality
  8. Erotic Play: Building Up the Heat
  9. You Deserve a Hand: Manual Paths to Orgasm with a Lover
  10. Put Your Body Where My Mouth Is: Oral Paths to Orgasm
  11. Penetration and Orgasms
  12. The Use of Sex Aids
  13. Special Circumstances
  14. Enhancing Your Orgasms

Here is a review from

This great book provides sound advice about pretty much everything to do with the big O. Progressing from cultural and societal consideration of orgasms to the many ways they can be described and achieved, Cooper also addresses how we give them to ourselves and others, the mechanics of orgasm, genital anatomy, and tips and techniques for helping with the, um, fun. Consistent "sex-positive" and "shame-free" consideration of the reader is paramount and winning and effectively removes any "dirty" factor. I found reading it unusually relaxing, almost like I wasn’t sneaking around my older brother’s room looking at "the collection" while he’s at work. Instead, I was able to focus on the anatomy lessons (whoa, that's what that is?), the variations on providing pleasure, the descriptive sections, and the heretofore unknown benefits of having a strong pelvic floor. Cooper’s considerate, cheerful tone makes this a winner. Also, the frank and unabashed factors equal pretty much incredible hotness.